Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Would You Rather?

Would you rather wipe your butt with hot sauce or wash your hair with molasses?

That's how Ty welcomed me home from work the other night. How sweet of him is what
you're thinking, huh? I never know what Ty will come up with when I come through that
door! But seriously, those good ol 'would you rather' questions.
How great are the ones that make you want to pee your pants? I love those!
Do you guys have any good ones?

I found this lovely thing on Pinterest the other day and got a good little laugh. Plus I'm so
terrible at coming up with the second part to the would you rather, I figured I'd
save you all from the death of my humor and share somebody else's with you instead!


Have a happy, 'would you rather', Tuesday everybody!

♡Us Stanwees