Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Little Oil & Vinegar In Our Life

About four blocks from our house is Main St. And Main St. has this place called Fouresse. 
Fouresse is a cute shop to get all the olive oils and vinegars you could ever dream of. 
You want sweet, they have it. You want spicy, they have it. 
And they carry specialty salts and teas too!

So what'd I do today...I biked those short four blocks in the sun's beauty, sampled a few 
vinegars, and went for the 'citrus' balsamic vinegar. I already knew I wanted something
along those lines to cook with our meal last night, which by the way I'll
post a quick little paleo recipe to go with it tomorrow or Friday!

Make a quick trip down to Fouresse, sample some oils and vinegars, and pick yourself up a 
few. They are great not just for salad dressings and marinades, but also to drizzle on 
some dessert. Who said you can't have a little fig or strawberry balsamic vinegar 
on some coconut ice cream or paleo cheesecake? Now come to the 
Couve and get yourself some!