Saturday, April 20, 2013

AHWOD + A Spaz Moment

It was time for my patient to discharge home, but I had to run to the lower level of the hospital 
to pick up a piece of equipment for him to take home. I called downstairs to let them 
know I'd be there in a couple minutes. Well those couple minutes turned into way more...

I thought I'd be good and take the stairs, but when I got out of the stairwell I was
so incredibly disoriented. However, what's weird is I take the same stairwell every morning
at work. For some reason taking them down so fast threw me off. I ended up walking
the wrong direction initially, realizing I needed to go the opposite way. I finally got on the
right track and ended up at the door of the distribution center, noticing that it appeared I
would need to swipe my badge to get in. Well apparently I got confused yet again
and ended up CLOCKING OUT! Don't ask how I got so confused that I couldn't
decipher between the time clock unit on one side of the door and the little black thing
we swipe our badge with on the other side of the door. And because you can't clock
right back in, I had to sit and wait for nearly 5 minutes as people were wondering
why I was just standing and frantically trying to get myself clocked back in over
and over. Well guess what? All along I was at the WRONG DOOR! By the time
I picked up the piece of equipment from the lady and told her my little story
(which I found to be hilarious at the time), she clearly wasn't interested and
thought I was a nut!

So yes, I have my spastic moments. I find them to be hilarious. Don't you all love 
reflecting on moments you have like those? The, 'what the heck was I doing' 
or 'did I seriously just do that' moments. Sometimes you just wish you 
could take five steps back and start over, but you actually can't.
It's a bummer deal.

Well you may have those feeling about this AHWOD...when I looked at this workout I 
thought, 'ha! no big deal.' But after you get part way through it you think, why did I do this. 
During it all I could do was laugh and laugh for two reasons. One being, 'what the heck 
am I doing.' And two, my legs feel so terrible all I can do is laugh about how 
nonfunctional they are getting and will be the next couple days!

Run 1 mile
150 squats (or jumping squats if you want a challenge)
25 mt climbers on the minute
Run 1 mile

Start with the running, go into the mt climbers at the top of the minute, then go straight into 
squats. When the top of each minute hits, get back on your hands and feet and do the 
25 mt climbers. Use the leftover of your time before the next minute to get in more 
squats. Continue to do so at the top of each minute until you reach 150 squats in 
total. Finish with another mile run. Trust me, it feels great in an awful way, 
especially if you do the air squats!

Thanks to CFE for a nice little workout and a great burner. Enjoy!