Monday, April 8, 2013

Colorado Part 2

You guys may get tired of all these Colorado posts by the time I'm done with them, but you'll 
have to hold tight for one more day. I'll sum it up in one more post. Aside from pictures, did I 
mention how awesome the weather was? We got the best of it all! A couple 70 degree days, 
snowy days, and a little rain too. I don't look quite as dead as I did when I initially arrived 
in Colorado...those sunny days did my face and chest a little good!

Day 3-4

Chris and Courtney live about 1/2 mile away from Hogback mountain with the barracks near
them as well. I had to snap a photo because the old property was so neat looking.

Chris & Courtney use the trail for trail runs. We figured we'd take to it that morning to get
a nice little jog in...that was until the altitude hit us, yet again. That "jog" up the 
mountain turned into a lovely hike instead. I had high hopes. Wasn't the first time 
I thought I'd be able to do more than I really could up at that elevation.

We found Allen...or maybe it was Steve.

Ty decided that this was one of his favorite things on the trip,
which is funny considering the amazing things we did.

(if you don't know the Allen/Steve thing...go to this youtube video)

The rest of the day was spent wandering through downtown Boulder, the beautiful
CU campus, checking out their stadium, getting gelato, scoping out the array of
housing styles (a post for another day), and having Chris show us how to
make his specialty coffee over hours of conversations. The late night 
chats were probably our favorites during the trip. So memorable!

(who would've thought there were so many expensive chocolate bars?)

The following day we took to the mountain again. This time to get another
snowshoeing adventure in. Brainard Lake was just outside Boulder, 
allowing for a quick trip to do a fairly easy hike into the lake,
and enjoy a snowy day!

On our way back to Boulder, we stopped at this place which seemed like the
middle of nowhere. We found this little gem. They served almond milk for
their coffee drinks and had the best gluten free breads I've ever had
in my life. I would compare them to being even better than regular
breads. Who woulda thought all that in the middle of nowhere?
Plus the woman working there lived in Portland for some time. 

On our way out of Nederland, we drove through some amazing backcountry. Frozen
reservoirs, white covered trees, the rocky hills, and interesting little homes. It
clearly gave us the opportunity to take some silly pictures together. Real cool.

The day left us pooped out, but we pulled together for an evening Crossfit
session at Boulder CF. It was Chris' first time, but without a doubt he
smoked it! We can't thank him enough for giving us some many
options for activities/adventures in Colorado. We had quite the
local experience rather than being legit tourists...minus the
fact I carried a camera around all the time. 
See ya here tomorrow for round 3 of 
Colorado with the Stanwees!