Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Colorado Round Tres

The best thing about our trip is that we didn't come home exhausted. We played hard, relaxed
just enough, and had some great times with our friends. Chris and Courtney were 
amazing in essentially planning our trip while we were there...they helped us 
do Colorado as though we were locals. We can't thank you guys enough
for making our experience so great, opening your home to us,
and treating us to so many things. Love ya guys!

Here's the last stretch of our trip from day 5-7.

Boulder Crossfit.
Rocky Mountain National Park.
Emerald Lake Hike.
Stanley Hotel.
Oskar Blues.

Flat Irons hike.
Paleo Treats.
Back to Denver we go.
Hang with Hannes & Olly (his dog).

Downtown Denver by foot.
Packed city for opening game day.
Colorado Rockies Game.

 Estes Park: Stanley Hotel


Rocky Mountain National Park + Emerald Lake Hike

I would've loved to crack open a Coors while I was here...
but we all know what would've happened after a gluten
filled beer made it to my gut. Not a good thought.

Oskar Blues: bringing a taste of Nola to Lyons, CO...yum!

Flat Irons Hike

Can you find him?

Paleo Treats Straight From The Local Store. Get with it Vancouver!

Opening Game Day: 
Colorado Rockies. Crazy. Fun. Once in a lifetime.

The game was spur the moment, which was a great end to our trip. Also
made us nearly miss our flight. So worth it! When is the next time
we'll make it to many, if any at all, opening game days for 
another professional baseball team? The city streets were
absolutely nuts with purple people who took the day
off as though it was a holiday. It was crazy!

Want to know our highlights. Don't worry, I'll tell you.

The Highlights
*snowshoeing to a secret hut
*tandem biking around the city
*rocky mountain national park
*open game for the Colorado Rockies

♡The Stanleys♡