Monday, April 22, 2013

Cucumber Shrimp Salad

We're obsessed with those mini cucumbers you can get at costco. They're great for snacks, 
quick to cut up and dip into a paleo red pepper dip, and perfect for making a nice little salad out 
of! I won't claim to have made this up myself, but I will give all the credit to my friend
Kelsey. Way back when, we use to try out all sorts of recipes. At the time they were 
non-paleo, even this one. I can't have regular soy sauce any longer and soy isn't
paleo either! So instead, I whipped out our Braggs bottle and made
up this yummy salad!

Sesame Cucumber Shrimp Salad
5-8 mini cucumbers or 1 large cucumber, cut into small-med pieces
1 package of mini salad shrimp
braggs sauce
sesame seeds
sriracha sauce

Place your already cut cucumber and shrimp in a medium bowl. Squirt some Braggs sauce 
and sprinkle sesame seeds over the top of the salad. It will tend to pool at the bottom, but 
just give it a nice toss to mix it all up well. Serve with sriracha sauce if you so choose...
it gives it a little extra flavor with that little to a lot of spice! Keep cool in the 
fridge until you're ready to serve or take as a little snack to go!