Thursday, April 11, 2013

Half Paleo Half Not: Choco Gummy Bears

Let's get real, these are surely not paleo. Let me ensure you that I was lying from the beginning 
of the post title. What happened was that Ty asked me to pick up his little craving for a movie 
date night: chocolate covered gummy bears. Of course, the closest store to us didn't have them 
and I wasn't interested in driving to go get them. So in my bright mind at the time, I thought 
well gosh I could make paleo-like gummy bears. I could get this super dark chocolate and 
cover the gummy bears. That would make it part paleo, right?

What was so dumb was I clearly not in my right mind at the store. By the time I was making 
these things it dawned on me that how can they be paleo when I'm making them with 
freaking GUMMY BEARS! What an idiot I was there for a minute. Nevertheless, they 
were good and super easy to make. So for those who don't do paleo or want to 
splurge for a minute, do this:

Buy gummy bears and some super dark chocolate chips or Enjoy life chips.

Melt a little bowl of chocolate chips in the microwave. Let it set for a couple 
minutes or else your bears will melt in the chocolate.
And you don't want melty bears.

Dump your bears into the melted chocolate bowl. Mix them around to cover the bears. Spoon 
them out onto a piece of parchment paper and then put them in the fridge to harden. 
Take them out when the chocolate has seemed to stick well on the bears/has hardened.

Then eat them all up and forget I mentioned anything about paleo.
As I said before, I was lying. They were good, that's all that matters now.

♡Ty and Cori Lou