Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Rez

That was kinda dumb. I thought I'd be cool and try to make this month's goals catchy with the title 
of "rez" instead of resolutions. Not as cool as I initially had thought.

This month had a nice middle of the road accomplishments on the resolutions. It happens. We
continue to get better and better I must say, just taking it nice and slow on some of them. 
Here's last month's breakdown:

Ty's March Resolutions
Kinda failed. The first part of the month was basketball still and the last half 
was just an attempt. Each month will get better. I have hope.

*Grocery bags 
Split down the middle on that one. 
Little trips to the store were the main failures.

Cori's March Resolutions
*Weekly BLD +snack posts.
Met that resolution! Feel pretty darn good about it too. 
Helped us stay organized with meals and had lots of people enjoy the 
recipes and/or plan on using it for their April goal to become paleofied.

*Drink water.
Fail...with 3 capital Fs. FFFail.
I blew that rez out the front door, didn't even stand a chance. Should've known.
(I did try to make up for it in the last week...I drank one Pierre water a day.
It still doesn't count in my book, although that's more water I've
drank in a month probably!)

Have I mentioned that I'll never buy these waters at Costco again? Probably not. 
I tell Ty every day. They burn my throat and nose going down. Another 
reason for me to not drink water, yet again! Now I have to because we 
have a giant Costco pack of them. Awesome.

March Resolutions Together
*Bed before 10pm
Split that one down the middle. Like a fameet. Half fail, half meet. 
Get it? I'd say the other half was around 10:30, so not too bad. Just not quite good 
enough to meet the goal completely.

*Friends for dinner
Put that one in the 'met that rez' books! 
We love chili, friends, and game nights.

April, Watch Yourself

Ty's Resolutions
I told him he can't have biking after this month. 
He either meets it or I'm making him walk to work. ;-)

*Make our honeymoon photo album. 
I made the huge wedding albums and Ty's job was to do the honeymoon book.
7 months has slipped away rather quickly...April seems like a great
month to get it done, right?

Pictures like these need a home in a book to put on our coffee table

Cori's Resolutions
*Finish the spare room in the basement.
Somehow that room got painted and we had lots of great ideas for it,
but then it somehow stopped after the first coat of paint. It's used for storage,
working out, and crafting. Why not put a few finishing touches on it?

*Do the dishes at least 3 times during the month. 
Sad to say, I never do them. Ty does it all around here.
Mom and Dad, that probably doesn't surprise you now does it?

*Plan out workout days. 
No more playing on the rings or pretending to think I'll lift one day.
Time to actually get a few techniques for lifting down and maybe
I'll end up doing a muscle up, who knows!

I'm getting started...some tentative plans and ideas for the middle of April.

'Together We're Better' Resolutions
*Cutting the computer ties. 
Be off the internet by 7:30pm on nonworking nights 
and 9:00pm on working nights...more quality time before bed
and more time for our other goal.

Typical night after work, exhausted, & zoning out on the comp.
Goodbye to that!

*Walk 50 miles...that's 12.5 per week, 1.78 per day, or divided as we wish.
We'll figure it out as we get in the rhythm. Rain or shine, night or day, here we come.
And we're going to find velcro shoes to do it in.

Ya know what's awesome? Each month we focus on a goal, it turns into a habit. The
budgeting still occurs from the beginning of the year, making dinner for friends continues,
I have continued to read a book one after another, and Ty continues to improve the
bike riding little by little. Most importantly, we're making the most of our time
together and using our free time to do plenty of fun things.

I love having this guy home in the evenings when I'm off...glad baseball is on hold for now!

April showers, bring on those May flowers. We're ready for ya!

♥The Stanleys