Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Putting In The Mileage & Wearing Out The Tread In Our Kicks

As some of you may remember, our goal for this month was to walk 50 miles together. It makes 
it tough when our schedules are a little off here and there, but we've been stickin' to our 
guns. We've got a week left to see what we can do to meet our goal, but we thought 
we'd share our favorite 4.5 mile walk with you all...

From our house, we love walking through the neighborhood and down the riverfront...

If you look off in the distance, you can see the mountain in eastern Oregon...it was
a perfect night for a walk before the sun went down!

We then make our way onto the path that leads into Fort Vancouver...in between the river & FV 
there is this neat area to learn about the Native Americans as well as the history
during various world wars

There's that sneaky guy!

Great views on lovely days like theses and if you're lucky, you can watch planes
take off at Pearson airport!

Our awkward action shots...

The Grant House...such a cute little place to eat and then you can get a great walk in afterwards!

Yes, we did take a camera on our walk last night and yes, we probably looked like tourists
in our own neighborhood. I'm cool with it. There are so many neat places for us to
get our mileage in this month, but this has been a great go-to! If you have
a chance, come to the Couve and check it out.

Happy Tuesday!

♡The Stanleys