Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raw Yuice, My Mini Goal, & Mt. Stanley

What do you know about those awful zits that come from way below the skin's surface? The 
ones that hurt for days, then finally decide to show their face. Well I have one that's been 
festering. It's below my lip, right front and center. It hurts like a B. Not that I even know 
what a B**** hurts like. We call them Mt. Stanleys. Well actually Ty just calls them 
that, but I'm stealing it for the moment.

Anyway, I decided to add a weekend goal to my monthly resolution. Sometimes I get these 
dumb ideas in my head and that OCD part of me won't let them go. For example, I decided 
last Friday I was going to bike, walk, or run everywhere. By Sunday night I wanted so 
badly to run some errands, nothing important as usual. But, I held true to my OCD self 
and instead, washed our cars, cleaned the house, prepped our dinner for tomorrow, 
walked 4.5 miles, strolled through the farmers market, and had a nice little evening 
together. I did, however, get some nice bike rides and walks to and from the gym, 
the farmer's market, my in-laws, around town, and church. 

Lesson learned...I am more efficient in getting stuff done when I know 
I have less time without the convenience of a car.

Last thing, I promise. There's this guy that makes raw juice (Ty calls it 'yuice', stated like 'yoos') 
and sells them throughout the week from his little bike attached to a cooler cart. It's called 
Absolutely Juicy. I spotted him when I was running the Vancouver riverfront Saturday 
morning, but he sold out by noon! So Sunday morning I did my AHWOD super
early and biked down to the market to be his first customer. The healthy one was 
great, but the highlight was the spicy yuice! The lemon, apple, and jalapeno...
sweet/spicy heaven-in-a-bottle. I could've had 4 more.

A lot of nothing today, sorry. However, maybe take a little something away from this...

*watch out for those Mt. Stanleys
*take a walk to get a little exercise after dinner tonight
*check out local raw juices OR 
*look up Absolutely Juicy on Facebook & get them while they last!

♡The Stanleys