Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Real M.M.

I know I had a post in the month of March about March Madness, but it was not the legit march madness we're all familiar with. This post, however, is the real deal. Ty challenged me to a little
March Madness bracket making...I took the challenge with no background to the teams
whatsoever. With no TV, I'm a bit out of my league this year. Not that I was truly in any
sort of league to put something together in previous years anyway.

I decided to choose teams by popular names I know of and rankings. I found myself taking the underdog if they were closer in rankings and the top team when it was a huge split. And then tie breakers just came down to who I was familiar with. No other reason than that.
Here's what we came up with...

Mr vs. Mrs Stanley

We didn't end up in last place when we compared our brackets to the
teachers at Ty's school. That was a bonus. Not bad for mainly
guessing my way through it!
Any of you do well?