Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Stanley Paleo BLD + Snack Review

You guys ready for the reviews on the Stanley paleo BLDs +snack last month? 
We'll give you the breakdown in a variety of ways...

The Most Bang For Your Buck
What: Meatloaf
Why: You get more than LD, you nearly get another LD plus meatloaf cupcakes for snacks
Where to find the recipe: Week 1 dinner and snack section

What: Spicy Pineapple Chili
Why: Chili for days...make some avocado to throw on the top and dip some plantain chips in it.
Where: Week 2 dinner

Both of these recipes also tied for tastiest. You'll get some good flavors for your $.

What: Easy E Skillet (use lots of avocado, cilantro, and hot sauce)
Why: Great flavor! Could eat it day after day. Ty's quote "danky"...something nobody says
Where: Week 2 breakfast

What: Chocolate macadamia nut covered pineapple popsicles
Why: Fresh, sweet, and why not feel like you're in Hawaii for a minute
Where: Week 2 (with spicy pineapple chili)

What: Vanilla bean pancakes
Why: I love my sweets; Ty loves berries mixed with anything just about and why not pancakes?
Just like we love mexican, we also love breakfast foods...for dinner or for breakfast.
When: Week 4 breakfast

What: Coconut Curry
Why: Spicy meets sweet. We like anything like that.
When: Week 3 dinner

The Who Woulda Thought
What: Strawberry Applesauce Omelets
Why: Who would've thought eggs could turn into french toast for a minute with fresh berries. Yum!
When: Week 1 breakfast

What: Bacon wrapped dates
Why: bacon is always good and somehow bacon and dates go good together. Weird.
When: Week 4 snack

Easy Peasy
What: Dessert for the desperate
Why: It's easy, that's why. And I don't have to go to the store for any of the stuff. Bonus!
When: Week 2 dessert

What: Vanilla fig bars
Why: Again, they're easy...after you let the figs set over a 12 hour period
When: Week 2 snack

What: Any of the salmon recipes
Why: Easy/quick dinners
Where: Week 1, Week 3, Week 4

What: Pulled Bock Bock Tacos
Why: Crockpot
When: Week 3 dinner

Best Sides
What: Spicy avocado slaw
Why: Good texture, perfect with burgs, and loved the spiciness
When: Week 2 dinner (served with turkey burgs)

What: Mexican rice
Why: We clearly love anything that resembles mexican food, but paleo style
When: Week 3 dinner (served with pulled chicken lettuce wrapped 'tacos')

What: Coconut rice
Why: Sweet cauliflower that I'd eat for dessert, that's why
When: Week 2 dinner (served with chicken curry)