Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're Back!

Actually we got back close to midnight on Friday, but since when did the time between then and 
now matter to you guys. What is cool is that between that time and now, my 
grandma turned 86 years old! How awesome is that? 

Another thing that is pretty awesome...Colorado. It's Much like the NW, just missing the beach to 
the west and a good amount of the State seems pretty flat to my surprise. Nonetheless, it is 
sure a beauty! The trip is worth it in so many ways. If you get a chance to go, GO!

Anyway, I will apologize ahead of time that there will be a million pictures. All because I am so indecisive, which makes life so much more complicated than it needs to be in all areas of 
my life. At least there's no harm to it, although it may waste a little of your day 
looking through. Little by little, I'll let you in on our trip each day.

Day 1-2:
*Root Down restaurant, made from on old automotive repair shop. 
Lamb burgers with sweet potato fries & duck tacos. Yum.

*Went for a night snowshoe adventure. The elevation kept stealing my breath, made me 
feel like such a weenie when trying to do anything active. Nothing like snowshoeing
straight up, what seemed like a huge, steep mountain in the dark.

*Snowshoed to a secret hut in the mountain (should be in Outside magazine). Had a 
wonderful dinner, great talks with C&C, and woke up to a beautiful Easter morning, 
a great breakfast, and a cute little fox running around the hut

*We hit 'Dairy King' in an itty bitty town called Empire

*Enjoyed fresh homemade juice Courtney made, 
served so nicely you almost didn't want to drink it

*We tandem biked through Boulder and walked through Pearl St

*And we had a homemade paleo Easter meal with C&C and two of their good friends

What a bunch of cool kids, in a cool city, doing a some cool things.
Day 1-2 done. See you tomorrow for other trip adventures!

♡The Stanleys