Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When You Don't Have A TV...

We play games. I take that back, we usually just play A game. I'm addicted to this game and 
won't actually play any others at the moment unless we have friends over. 
We call it Trains. Truth is that it's actually called Ticket To Ride. 
Same difference.

I don't like to lose, so I will stay up all night and play til I get a good win. Unfortunately for
Ty, he is usually the only one I play so he's the one who has to stay up late. 
Maybe that's why I've been winning a lot lately...

When we first moved in together we didn't have furniture in the front room except
beach chairs. It wasn't conducive to boardgames. Instead, we played on our
bed. So here's us being super cheesy and doin' our thing without a TV.
Sorry for the poor quality photo, not sure what happened there.

Who wants to join all this fun? We have a coffee table...
you wouldn't have to play on our bed!