Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Lotta Canadian Gardens

The Butchart Gardens
Everybody and their moms need to go here. 
Seriously though, take your mom.

Butterfly Gardens
Also, another place every should check out. 
Take your kids to this one...our your spouse. Same thing.

The butterfly process

How awesome that these trees grow these mini bucket-like flowers to catch the rain

Our favorite frogs!

And we can't forget the flamingo (lots of birds, turtles, etc here)

Just a beaut is what they all were. Wandering through a giant garden with everything in bloom, 
all themed based on the type of flowers, was heaven for us after no sleep. It is so peaceful. In
fact, I noticed the change in our walking pace...speedy as usual to slug-like. That's what 
this place does to you.

Then you can go to the butterfly gardens and feel like you have to dodge in and out of things 
just to avoid the butterflies. What's awesome is that this place mimics a tropical garden, so 
it's humid and also has tropical birds and animals as well.

*Tip: be sure to ask your B&B or wherever you stay if they have discounts to 
places like these. May save ya quite a few buckaroos!

♥The Stanleys