Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Makin' Gift Ideas

We're not baby makin' but we have friends that I just felt the need to say baby makin'. 

It just sounds cooler than 'baby gift ideas' or 'how to wrap the baby shower gift' for the title.

Anyway, when people are getting married and having showers, I get busy crafting. When people 
are baby makin', I get really busy crafting. I'm pretty sure my neighbors thought I was some 
nutty lady crafting in the front yard everyday last week. I was either painting, glueing, tie 
dying, or something else....all in the front yard. Yes I know I could've done it in the 
craft room, but guess what? I didn't want to miss a minute of that sun, 
so I managed to do what I could outside to get those rays.

My mom, the crafty lady she can be, came up with a cute little idea for 'wrapping' a baby 
shower gift. Why not put all the gifts in a bigger toy you get for the baby?

Step 1) Buy a stroller, a shopping cart, a wagon, or something along those lines
Step 2) Get some sort of string/yarn/twine and wrap it around the outside of the big gift itself
Step 3) Paint clothespins a color that goes with your gifts...we chose gray

Step 4) Pack it full of gifts the mama put on her registry plus a few extra outfits
Step 5) Hang some of the clothes with your homemade clothespins along the
outside of the big gift/along the string you've chosen to wrap around it

Then you can add some mason jars to the bottom with homemade gifts inside them...
here's what I made for Kelsey's little babe!

Rosette and flower headbands

Leftover stretchy fabric you can tie on the babe's head in any sort of way you prefer.
Make a quick grey rosette flower and put some leftover buttons that are laying around on it.

Gettin a little vintage-fancy with the headbands...

Fun fabric flower attached to a clip...for an outfit or to attach to a headband.
Easy way to make some of the flowers versatile!

Why not tie dye some onesies for kids? Everybody needs a little tie dye in their lives.

I made various pretend bathing suit onesies...this was just one of them.
It's as easy as making a template for baby bathing suits, tracing on
your iron on material and fabric, then lining it with a fun color band.
Tie off the tops of the swimsuit top and you've got yourself one covered
baby in a onesie bathing suit!

Take a onesie, take your choice of paint, and a pencil with a fresh eraser
on the end. Squirt some paint on your plate or cardboard, dip your
eraser in the paint, and start making polka dots all over. Let dry.
While drying, make a little fabric flower to go on it and it's
as easy as that!

Congrats Kels! Several more weeks to go and before you know it, you'll be
holding that baby girl. We wish you an easy delivery, restful sleeps when
she arrives, and one healthy baby!

♡The Stanleys