Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday Month Resolutions: MAY!

I turn 27 this month. I believe in celebrating all month. Yes, celebrating the birthday girl all
month. Poor Ty, right? Good thing I don't expect to be showered in gifts each week. I
just find random things I want to do 'cuz it's my birthday' even if it means walking
5 miles one day to celebrate the birth of me. ha! Anyway, I feel I should come
up with some good resolutions for my birthday month, but the other side of
me says relax, enjoy your birthday month, you're getting old, save your
energy. So that's what I'm going to do! Happy Birthday Month to me!

Cori's April Resolutions
I lost count of how many times I did the dishes. And by lost count, I think I got 
close to two hands worth. More than 3 as I had planned, good enough.
And I'm about to do them today too...I might be forming a habit!

*Workout Planning:
I smashed the goal of planning my workout days. I'm already planned through the beginning 
of May! By planning out extra credit workouts and body movements on paper, I met other 
goals by getting to the 55# kettle bell for kb swings, stringing together more butterfly 
pull ups, and PR'd a dead lift!

Ty's April Resolutions
to work, the gym, & around town on weekends!...
I decided to join him and I biked everyday I didn't work. 
And I mean everywhere!

We've officially just parked our bikes in the living room...easy access to jump on and go.
Somehow it doesn't flow with the living room decor though

*Honeymoon book:
that's still in the works. Apparently May will be a better month to finish it!

Together We're Better April Resolutions
*Walk 50 miles (no running or biking included):
We ended up doing 59.6 miles!! Took some early mornings 
before work and some great evenings to put in the mileage, but it gave us some 
quality time on the streets of DT Vancouver & some fresh air!

*Off the computer/internet at a certain time:
If it wasn't for walking at night we probably would've had more late nights on the internet. 
I will say that cutting the ties of the internet/computer at night was much more difficult 
than we had imagined. We realized that it's much more of a habit that clearly 
needs some more time for breaking!

Birthday Month Resolutions: MAY

*Organize the cupboards!
how annoying is it when you need something in the back of the cupboard so you have to take
everything out to get it? Worst thing ever, especially when we have cabinets I have to get
up on a ladder for. It's time to reorganize that junk in a way that is much more
conducive to my height and needs.

*Blog about desserts for a week straight...
because we should all be eating and celebrating like it's our birthday for more than 
just our birthday. Who said I can't have a dessert days before and days after my birthday?

*Reduce my use of toilet paper...
Sounds weird, I know. I don't mean cut back on the amount of times I use the bathroom because 
we all know that's impossible. But, cut back on the amount of toilet paper I pull off that roll. I underestimate my strength with I whip that tp off the roll...I mean it comes flying off and next 
thing I know I have a giant ball of toilet paper. It's not necessary and it always makes for 
the possible toilet clogging. When I went through a roll in like 24 hours, 
I realized it's time to cut back.

*Plan a mini getaway for Cori's birthday
Cori has been all over the US and all over the world in her travels, but has yet to just
cross the border into Canada. I'm going to see what I can come up with for a 
quick trip up north for a short 3 day birthday exploration.

*Be more efficient
I recently read my buddy's blog about how inefficient we all are. How we could use more
'quality' time at work, meaning that we get stuff done in the time we have. That way we get
'quantity' at home, meaning we get more time at home instead of having to do any extra
'things' at home. In turn, you get more time at home which turns into more quality of life!

Together We're Better Resolutions

It's that time of year are in bloom, spring is here! We don't have much to
work with, but figured we should fix up the yard just a bit.

This is what we have to work with plus some pots

*Learn more about the iPad
Let's be honest, we use the ipad for the absolute basics. I don't even know how to get pictures
on the blog from the iPad and we just learned how to instagram (we're super old school).
It's about that time to really get to know our pad for what it's worth!

*Fundraise for our trip
We have to raise at least $500 by May 15th and at least another $500 by mid June.
Have any ideas for us or need us to do a job around your house?
Holler at us!

That's all we got for you. A simple birthday month although we'll be busy planning our trip,
preparing for Kari's shower, fundraising, celebrating birthdays, and trying to squeeze
in mini adventures! May, be good to us in weather, efficiency with work &
home, and don't rush getting through to the end of the month.
We're in no rush!

♥The Monthly Resolutioners