Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Treat Week: Paleo Coconut Cream Pie

(I didn't have the right size baking pan...I ended up using a bread pan for a pie. Weird, but it worked)

Can I just tell you a few things? Good, because I'm going to anyway.

1 - My stomach is so sick from all this sweetness. I never thought I'd ever say something like that, EVER. I guess I just did. Someone come over and eat all our leftovers, please.

2 - Have I told you I'm obsessed with JT 20/20 Experience? Never thought I'd ever say that 
either, but again...Guilty! Sometimes I get down with some of the songs, like really groove. 
No shame.

3 - Today I had this thought that the last 'surprise' Ty came up with was an amazing engagement 
that I ended up with a beautiful ring. Then it turned into thinking about what type of surprise 
could this weekend potentially hold...and this odd thought of giving babies as gifts came into 
my head. I realized I'm so grateful that you can't just give babies as gifts. More of a 
nightmare in fact, no offense. Someday I'll get to those days of baby makin', but 
for now that would not be my idea of a good gift, sorry.

That's all.

On a serious note, make this pie. I made it for Mike and Allison as their housewarming pie. 
Not that I'm their neighbor, but I can pretend for a minute to have an excuse to make a 
pie. The recipe may look like a lot of work, but each step is super easy. It's only 
the waiting between each step. Then boom, coconut cream pie like you've 
never experienced paleo like it before!

Rather than typing this out, check out the link for the recipe on Paleo Parents
1 - instead of pecans, I used walnuts 
2 - instead of cream for the chocolate I substituted almond milk 
(I used a little more than what's called for)
It makes the chocolate harder, but nonetheless it worked!
3 - scope out the Trader Joe's coconut makes for some amazing whip cream!

♡The Stanleys