Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gettin' Organized A Cupboard At A Time

When I set this goal at the beginning of the month, I truly got after it. There were several 
stupid things about it all though...

1) I went to two Walmarts in Vancouver one day to get the supplies, then turned around the 
next day and went to the Fairview WM to get the rest. Not necessary. Should've just got 
them as they came back into stock. I did have all month to get it done.
2) I suck at painting. Great thing is that chalkboard paint wipes off well on
both the storage containers I used.
3) Why do people think it's ok to take all their kids at 10pm to Walmart on a school night. 
In fact, why is your infant/toddler still up at that time?
4) Why was I at Walmart that late as well? Weird.

Anyway, I accomplished one of my monthly resolutions which was to organize the cupboards 
in the kitchen. I even snuck in organizing a drawer that had just about everything you could 
ever want in it. It's super easy...the only thing that was stopping me is the laziness. Once 
you get rollin' with it, you'll be wondering why you didn't just do it from the get go.

storage containers
storage bins
chalkboard paint

Paint a shape on your containers that suits your fancy. Let dry. You may need to apply an
additional coat of paint or you may not. Place your food into the jars and ingredients
into the bins. Label the storage containers. And you're done.



When everything is in one container or bin, all you have to do is pull out the whole bin and grab
what you need. Then you put it back in the bin and on the shelf. Before we were having
to pull everything out to get to the things in the back of the shelf. Sound familiar to
you? Well get away from that...this is an inexpensive way to fix that problem!

Happy organizing!
And PS-stay away from late night Walmart trips.

♥The Stanleys