Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gone Campin'

We've been MIA the last two days...we went camping. That's right. Stanwees went campin'.
Ocean Park/Long Beach, WA did us in in fact.

We can say we did it though. Went camping in the pouring rain that is. We can't say we lasted more than a night, however. From 10pm last night until the time we left last night, that rain was relentless!
In fact, Ty made sure to wake me up every time it seemed like it started to rain harder. That meant he woke me up about three times. It was awesome...not. Ty claims I felt like I had a hangover because I had ONE, yes just ONE, hard cider. I claim that it was because I barely got any sleep due to the weatherman sleeping next to me all night. In case I couldn't hear the rain come down harder, Ty made sure to zip and unzip his window on the tent to make sure and then let me know.
That's exactly why I love him.

If you don't have a jetboil, get one. Makes camping life incredibly easy!

Paleo graham crackers...we can thank Aubry for making them and maybe even
get a post on here one day for the recipe!

How about a quick little game of whiffle ball? Ty couldn't keep up with my batting average.
I was quite good in the rain.

Jack looks like he saw a ghost or maybe the girls scared him. Not sure.

This kid knows how to do breakfast when camping. Marshmallows are
not only used for smores, but putting them in between pancakes
for breakfast. You know what's up, Treyson!

Rather than sitting in the rain at the campsite, we headed into Long Beach
for a little tour and to scope out the Cottage Bakery. They have all
desserts the size of someone's head. Can't go wrong there.

This museum had random bed pans and toilets hanging on the walls.
I was very interested apparently.

And we are both super haggard!

Ty insisted we ride the go carts...we all ended up with dirt all over our faces!

Anyway, I brutaly failed when it came to taking pictures of all of us camping. There's the whole
like 10 pictures I took. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination of all of us around a fire
in the rain, some of us eating paleo smores, some of us trying to stay warm, and
some of us just relaxing and enjoying the sound of all that rain!

Thanks again Jamie and fam for letting us pitch tents at Donoland.
Let's see if we can't find a weekend that could perhaps show the sun's face next time!

Hope you all have had wonderful times with family and friends, rain or shine!

♥The Stanleys