Thursday, May 16, 2013

HBD To Me...Again!

I keep telling you all that I like to celebrate birthdays more than just on the day. I ate paleo 
desserts all week last week, had one heck of a time in Victoria over the weekend, and last night 
had a HBD party with the family. Ty tells me I still have one more thing to go!

There are 2 parts to throwing a quick and easy HBD party with family and friends.

a lot of fun loving people
a couple kids
a dog or two
a small house to mash everybody into
and a simple paleo inspired bbq menu

1- fruit kabobs stabbed into a pineapple
2- paleo fruit dip-one chocolate, one banana
3- kale salad with blueberries, cranberries, and a specialty vinegar from Fouresse
4- lettuce wrapped burgers (your choice of turkey or beef)
5- condiments (avocado slices, bacon, grilled veggies, wet condiments)
6- sweet potato or plantain chips
7- bliss ice cream
8- paleo carrot cake (see last weeks recipe)

Now assign each part of the family to bring one of the above!

Mom & Dad Cos'

Sparrow Fam

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos...apparently the iPad doesn't do as well at night!

The Stanleys above and the Cosby-Stanley crew below

A quick setup for food when you have minimal counter space in the kitchen:
use a table or buffet to display the basics, serve the food in the kitchen

Burg decorating station!

My mom was in charge of fruit and she outdid herself with a cute 
little fruit display and a paleo dip!

Mark and Kathy brought our favorite salad:
mixed kale lettuce bag from Costco mixed with berries and
a specialty balsamic vinegar

And remember that tasty paleo carrot cake I baked up last week? Well guess what...
I froze it and pulled it out for this event. So amazing! That means you can
bake it way ahead of time and pull it out when you need it! only turn 27 once!

Thank you fam for coming over to celebrate the big 2-7...see ya for the 2-8 next year!

♡Cori Lou