Monday, May 13, 2013

OH Canada!

If you all get a chance, go to Victoria. We're already planning the next trip...just that next time it 
will be via bike and camping. No car, no house, hunt for your food. Ok not really the last part.

We just had one heck of a weekend to celebrate my birthday. Ty surprised me with a lovely B&B 
that we would suggest to all of you who decide to make a trip up north one day. The food 
that Don prepared and Fernando served was to die for and the house itself is a piece of art 
(Fernando was an artist in Spain and attempted to sell some of his artwork in Canada as 
well before taking on this large B&B). It is only a couple blocks off the wharf in two 
different directions, but tucked in the neighborhood just perfectly. It almost 
makes you never want to leave the place to explore the city! 

Check out all this detail to Albion Manor B&B, then take a trip up to see it yourself!

The art is not just inside, but clearly extends outside!

The well kept garden. So peaceful to come out here for tea in the afternoon!

Our own secret little patio that leads into our room

Details on the railing on our back patio

The vines were all in bloom over the top of us. Shaded the sun, 
but allowed for the sunlight to come through!

As you enter the B&B, you'll find odd decor. Fernando says that anything
we thought was weird art was his. Lots of neat pieces. The rest of the
decor came directly from England. Some amazing artwork as well
as some beautiful pieces of furniture.

Our room!

Each door had different handles, which gave it so much detail

All the photos are hung from the molding in the house. Interesting pictures
and unique frames for each and every photo!

Every lamp or light was different throughout the home.

We all know how much I love spending time in bathrooms. I'd spend even
more time in a bathroom if I had one like this!

Even the ceilings in the house had crazy detail!

Day one: orange compote, salmon frittata, and & gluten free treat
Day two: fruit and yogurt, GF sausage, and GF lemon ricotta pancakes
I wish it was a B&BLD (bed and breakfast, lunch, dinner)!!

Some brandy or sherry, anyway? This place sets you up for not just
the simple coffee and tea, but you can also be sippin' on a little
something else too!

Fernando was published in a art book for this piece of art. Always something
interesting on each wall on every table, all of which have a story behind them!

I am still amazed by all the decor, how they get it all to work together, and of course
the service at Albion Manor. As I said before, go to Victoria and stay here.
Worth every penny plus some! Ty made this trip one amazing birthday. 
I could turn 27 all the time for this!

Pre-bday week we've come to an end. Post-bday week, welcome.

♡The Stanleys