Friday, May 3, 2013

Overdue Monthly Bride Celebration

Back in March I shared a little something I made for Kari to celebrate the bride and count 
down the months left until gettin' hitched. Well between our vacation and then Kari being out 
of town for a week, we never got the chance to do exactly what I had planned. I wanted to 
share what the initial plan was and then what really ended up happening...that way you all
have another idea if you've chosen to do something similar for the bride!

*Initial plan:
I was suppose to have Kari over one weekend and we were going to paint terra cotta pots, have 
a nice walk to the farmers market, and get ourselves either flowers or herbs to plant in the pots.

*What actually happened:
Since there was never enough time to paint them together when we hung out or the market 
was closed, it didn't happen all month. So for her 5 months to go, I ended up painting them 
myself and planting some herbs. Rather than crafting together, we got together and walked 
Portland's waterfront and bridges. It's all very simple, but it gives the bride something to 
care for until the wedding and you can have the entire walk to catch up!

Here are a few ideas you can do to treat the bride:
*Buy some terra cotta pots and plants you know she likes. Paint the terra 
cotta pots together, then do the planting
*Buy fun planter boxes or pots and let the bride pick out what she wants to plant in them
*Take her to the local lawn and garden store and treat her to a certain amount (your choice on 
how much you want to spend) of flowers you can plant in her garden

1-Chives     2-Cilantro     3-Basil

If I would've had a lighter, creamy color I would've painted above the colors...lesson learned.
Now you go do what I've learned for your bride and you'll be a great MOH
two months in a row!

Have a wonderful sunny Friday!

♥Cori Lou