Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paleo Noodle Doodad

(Longest noodles ever made with prepared to be amazed!)

Oh my heaven. I almost have no words. That's a lie...I'm not often short of words. But seriously, 
I got this thing for my birthday and it's what every paleo lifestylist needs. I'm not sure lifestylist 
is even the right word or for that matter, a word at all. Either way, I don't care. I'm using 
it so don't bother commenting telling me one way or another.

This doodad will make your paleo life so simple. I want to use it on everything. And trust me, 
you can! Noodles, check. Sliced apples, you got it. Sweet potato fries, absolutely. You 
should have seen me in the kitchen last night. I was getting after those zucchinis like 
nobody's business. We would've been eating paleo zucchini noodles for days if 
that smallest part of me hadn't had some self control with my new julianner!

So all my paleo friends out there, get one of these...time will be saved and dinner will be delish!

Happy slicing!

♥The Stanleys