Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Grand Finale

And I thought all the birthday celebrating came to a wrap after the HBD family dinner 
the other night. Ty had another little something up his sleeve, that sneaky guy!

I wanted to chop off my head in this picture with my good ol' editing system on the computer, 
but Ty said 'don't do that' as though he'd be hurt if my head wasn't in this picture...
I apparently listened because my head is still in it, so now you have to 
ignore it...if that's even possible now.

We got hooked on tandem biking when we visited Chris and Courtney in Colorado last month 
and Ty happened to find one that has been all around the world with a couple who sold it 
to him. Ty and his dad stripped the bike down, repainted it, and had the bike shop make 
some other improvements. Not only was I in love at first site, but we have gotten quite 
the response from neighbors who love it!

Wave hello when you see us Stanwees cruisin' tandem around town and if you ever get a chance, 
try one out yourself! They're great for communication and spending time together...
all while you get a little exercise!

♡The Stanleys