Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walkin Til The Legs Fall Off!

And the grand total for our April walking resolution is....
59.6 miles!!!

We may look like tourists in our own city, but for a legit reason...

Ty got a new backpack for our trip and the guy who sold it to us at REI said
to 'try it out'...that's exactly what we did. We threw nearly 25 lbs into 
each pack and walked over 4 miles with them on for our last night of 
our April walks. Why not, especially if it's testing out the new pack, 
prepping us for our trip, & giving us some quality time 
together in the fresh air! Can't beat that.

There were are, lookin spiffy in our packs and ready for our trip to SE Asia!

It's that time again...monthly resolutions. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see what we 
have in mind for our resolutions! And for you all, see how many miles you 
can walk with your friend, spouse, family, etc this month.

♡The Stanleys