Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We Are Tourists, No Doubt

This is how we did in late night Thursday, stay at a cheap hotel in
Port Angeles, then board the early AM ferry to Victoria. We wandered the city, got
some lunch, checked into the B&B, then headed to the butterfly and Butchart
Gardens for the rest of the afternoon. Wander the city streets in the evening,
then call it an early night for some good rest!

On Saturday, start by having an amazing breakfast at your B&B. We had orange compote, a 
gluten free pastry, and an amazing salmon frittata. Get those walkin' shoes on
and head out for a long walk for the day!

Take to the wharf where the path starts and travel it as long as you wish. We took a slight
detour down the breakaway path to the lighthouse. It's chilly early in the morning, so
be prepared for cool weather and then for it to warm up by mid-morning!

Cruise down the path on the south side of the island, take some pics as you go.

What do you know about his sign?...
Since when have owners been able to tell their dog not to poop?
Is this sign for real?

Once you make it around the path along the water, head into Beacon Hill Park. You can
take the trail to see the cricket field, petting zoo, ponds, and loose yourself in its serenity.

Be sure to stop at Parliament. If it's during the week, they offer free tours. Unfortunately,
if you go over the weekend you cannot get in. Either way, all the detail is amazing from the outside!

Make your way further into the city and stop at Bliss Cafe. It is claimed 'vegan' but 
everything they make in here is paleo...desserts and all. Fresh raw juice, soups,
sandwiches, warm drinks, etc. I was obsessed to say the least!

Bahkti soup with crackers

Yam, avocado, sprouts, a creamy cashew chipotle mayo, and pesto sammy!

And if you're Ty, get two giant waffles with everything on it...forget paleo when you're out of town!

After the stroll around the peninsula and some lunch, do some shopping...or in our
case some 'looking around' since we never buy anything! This place was great &
they even sold some Oregon-made products!

After a long day of walking, head back to your b&b for a 
little snooze or just some reading/relaxing.

And if you're me, celebrate your birthday a day early with a piece of paleo 
tiramisu from yet again, Bliss cafe! If only they sold outside Canada...I'd be in trouble!

Decide on a play to go to for the night (McPherson's was a nice little place to check out),
stop at Bliss (yes, again. Because I'm obsessed with it) for juice or a warm drink!
(Guess who went back to Bliss for a warm drink and raw juice before the play?)

After you hit up a play, check out the Parliament at night. 
It's just beautiful all lit up!

Then take some oddball pictures with your husband...

Head home, call it a night, and be ready for another ultimate breakfast at your b&b in the morning!
Nothing like some gluten free lemon ricotta pancakes for my birthday breakfast!
Then hop on the ferry and head home!

There are a few museums you can check out or take the kids to the aquarium if you're 
interested. Plenty to do for all ages over a weekend! We do hope you enjoy a 
trip up there if you ever get the chance to go.

Happy Birthday weekend to me!
♥The Stanleys