Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Holy balls, we leave in 8 days! Why is time flying to fast? I realize I've had like 4 months to
prep for this and get the packing done, but why do that when you can save it for the
week before (or even the day before...don't put it by me). Between the two of us
we may be alright if we had to leave at this moment. Ty has a few things ready 
to go for clothing and I have the toiletries packed. Good enough, right?

On a random note, only because I mentioned balls initially. And no, it has nothing to do with the 
real thing. But the story goes as this...we were driving to Mike and Allison's house the other
night and Ty randomly says 'if I ever own a painting company (as if he has been putting 
some serious thought into it), I'm going to call it To The Window, To The Wall.
Exactly like that song. It led into singing the lyrics and wondering how that
song even made it big. And then I learned what 'skeet, skeet' is.
I have yet to get over it and am disturbed that one, I never 
knew what it meant and two, gross. Why do people
make songs like that?? They need to stop that.

Someone come pack for us, please!

♥The Stanleys