Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garters For The Bride

Cupcakes and garters. Those are my deeds for all my family and friends for their big events. I love 
both jobs. When I got so deep into the cupcake biz, I had no time to enjoy it. Now I get to 
enjoy making cupcakes for a large group of people and garters for the bride. There's so much 
more to baking cupcakes when you know it's as a gift than a 'have-to'. The job somehow 
becomes easier and more enjoyable! On that note, I'm not making cupcakes for Courtney's 
wedding but I did get the opportunity to make her garters for her big day.

lace elastic or lace material to attach to elastic band
material to make flowers, color and texture up to you
jewels, pearls, etc as you wish
fabric tap to tap to your leg (for a just in case support)

Measure your leg where you plan on having your garter. Subtract two inches from
your leg measurement (if you're just using the elastic lace) and that will be what you need
for your length. Sew the ends together, doubling up on the sewing to ensure it stays
together. Depending on the type of flower you want, I will send you on your way to
Google and youtube videos that will show you the exact type you want to make.
Otherwise, I hot glued the flowers onto the garter, then topped them
off with the rest of the decor by hot gluing them as well.

Why this one turned out looking so pink in color I don't know, but I swear it's not pink!

Find a fun little craft box to wrap them in and leave them as is or find a way to
paint or cover them. Green and coral remind me of Courtney, but I went
with green since she has green in her wedding.

Courtney and Stephen are getting married on June 29th. We're so excited for them to tie 
the knot, but bummed we'll be missing the big day. We wish you two the happiest 
and most amazing wedding day and marriage!

For any of you out there that need me to make a garter for your wedding day, let me know.
I won't charge $200 like other places do, but I will charge the supply cost and maybe
a little tip would do for the time I put into it...that's all!