Friday, June 7, 2013

June Resolutions

First thing...I've been thinking a lot of what I need to do before we leave. Trust me, thinking for 
like the last several months. Somehow I've been thinking so much I haven't gotten 
anything done. Serious problem because now there's only about 3 weeks left until we leave. 

Second thing...usually I hang with the kids once a week, but since we'll be gone we've been
putting together a fun little deal I'll share with you when we're all done. Part of it I was going 
about my biz, searching Amazon for certain items we'd need for them. Well, when I 
searched for centipede toys (they have giant ones in SE Asia) this is what came up...
"Prickly Animal Vibrator, Long Centipede Vibration Rods!!!" 
No joke a huge centipede dildo with "vibration rods" which were all the legs to the 'pede! Call 
me naive, but seriously a vibrator??? Definitely not what I was expecting, not that anybody 
would have when you're trying to find a child's toy. I'm still taken back by it.

Third...I know we usually do individual goals and better together goals, but this month we're
combining everything since we are a married unit and crunched for time. We have lots of 
projects to accomplish before we leave...None of which you probably care what they are 
so I'm not going to list them. However, we do need some help on one of them!

We still have to raise almost 600 buckaroos for our volunteer project in Cambodia!
We're asking any of you interested in donating to these 2 silly 
world travelers to please let us know!


Unlike the rest of our previous monthly resolutions, none will be beneficial to you. However, 
the benefit of donating will be getting this unit of 2 to Cambodia to tackle the job of 
building sports courts for kids who do not have the opportunities we do here to
play basketball, soccer, or volleyball. Now, that's more of a benefit than 
anything we've ever done before. Thanks to you all who have
donated to our trip already!

♡The Stanleys &
our soon-to-be Cambodian friends!