Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Resolutions Revisited

We smashed May resolutions. By smashed, I mean that we got nearly each one
completed at the beginning of the month. It's just that I'm only getting around
to actually make a post about that it's the beginning of June!

*Garden...done. However, I killed the grass. I overkilled the weed spray and it wiped out some
of the grass. Over the next month, hopefully that will return to us. Otherwise, does it surprise
you I planted many lavender plants? Didn't think so. We'll have some of the best smelling
lavender around plus some white lavender to set it off just a bit! We even did the
barkdust for our neighbor with our leftovers.



Oh there she is! The wacky neighbor...

*Fundraising...we've done our work communicating with someone at a place near our
house. Bummer deal is that we have yet to hear back from them...I guess we
accomplished the task by getting the ball rolling, but have no control over
the rest of it. Stay tuned so we can invite you all if we do a big fundraiser 
or for that matter, any sort of fundraising  at this point!

*Cabinets...done. I've already showed you the pic, but here it is again.
I do need to repeat how awesome it is when it's that organized. Seriously, go back and
take a peek at how to organize inexpensively and in an extremely easy way!

*iPad book...I will always be learning more and more about that damn thing. I was never
meant to be real techy and I've decided I don't care to be all that techy. Somewhere
in the middle is good for me.

*Birthday weekend...Ty put together an amazing Victoria, BC weekend for us. I still
want to go back and relive that. Go back to week 2 of May and check out where to
stay, what to see, where to go. Worth your time!

*Time-worthy...I'm pretty sure Ty spent most of his time in all efficient ways possible.
I rarely saw him laying around, on the computer, or doing nothing. I have quite the
hard worker in my hands and I love that!

Even at rest, he was still researching our SE Asia travels!

We got so much done at the beginning of the May, but yet have so much to do before
we take off this month on our trip. Stay tuned for our June resolutions!

♡The Stanleys