Saturday, June 15, 2013

Middle School Lunch

Ty promised his top winners any lunch they wanted. None of them preferred anything like 
Subway of course. Instead, the classroom was filled with big macs, quarter pounders, 
french fries, sprites, and hot n ready Little Ceasars pizzas. Gross. I was in charge of stopping 
at McDonalds to pick up the kids' orders. When the guy kept saying, is that it? I kept 
having to say uhhm, no. Worst part about it is they had to ask for my ID because apparently 
they think people are stealing debit cards to purchase a mass quantity of McD's food. 
I was slightly embarrassed.

As soon as we went through the drive thru there, we hit Burgerville's drive thru. When was the 
last time you were fast food hoppin? And if you say recently, I'm sorry and I hope 
you were only running errands like I was.

I got over the fact that fast food is really gross, that kids these days should not be eating that 
on a regular basis...and just like one of the middle schoolers told me: "If I drink one of those shakes, 
I have to order it and go home because if I start to drink it I have to be close to something if 
you know what I mean." And boy, do I know what he means. I didn't tell him that I 
really, truly get what he means on a daily basis. I figured he wouldn't want to hear my own issues.

Aside from all that, I must say it was one of my favorite days with the kids. We got to see my 
husband working, have a nice little lunch with the kids, and I learned how to get two kids 
down for naps. Hoping from one room to the other, lots of ssshhh's, plenty of rocking, and
some extra buff arms that rocked those babes to sleep. It wiped me out that I ended 
up asleep in the rocking chair. Thank goodness I managed to get the kids down 
before I was out for the count myself!

My Friday Loves!
Waiting for Uncle Ty outside the school to let us in!

♡The Stanleys and Sparrow kids too!