Sunday, June 9, 2013

OMG We've Been MIA

Not sure what happened to me in the last week. I went somewhat MIA. We were enjoying 
downtown Vancouver in numerous ways, finalizing some projects, hanging with neighbors, 
wine tasting, and partying with the fam. I also felt like I spent half my week going to appointments. 
I love appointments, especially dental appointments. Probably one of my favorite things. I got my 
teef cleaned and they feel great. Ty hasn't been in years and our brother-in-law is a dentist. 
Something is wrong with that if you ask me. Mr. Stanley I think it's time for an appointment.

Here's a little summing up from the last couple days...then I promise I'll start posting some 
good stuff like recipes, crafts, and/or some summer fun ideas!

1) We celebrated my mom's birthday by going to Woody's Tacos in downtown Vancouver.
If you've never been, go. Like go, now! Shrimp tacos can't be skipped over on the menu! Then 
we all tested out the tandem bike and walked the neighborhood to scope out homes in the area.
HBD Mom!

2) WOD in the Park with Crossfit!

3) Solo drive in the Gorge to the Lavender farm and then a wine tasting
tour for Courtney's bachelorette!

I can't live without going to this place several times a year. As much as we're looking
forward to our big trip, I will still be looking forward to getting up here in August
to see all those lavender bushes blossomed and fuming with the lavender scent!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

♥The Stanleys