Monday, June 10, 2013

Paleo Crepe Du Jour

Ya know what's awesome right now...I love rolling out of bed, throwing on a sundress, and biking 
in my sandals to the farmers market on my weekends off before many people are there to get 
what I need. I still look half asleep, but great thing is that there's very few people to notice. 
Then I awkwardly bike back uphill home in sandals as they keep slipping off my pedals. 
Makes for a more difficult ride than it needs to be. I did get new pedals, just haven't 
gotten around to putting them on. Stupid. I'll do it one of these days.

The other thing that's great is cherries. The cherries in Hood River are amazing, but they 
weren't open yesterday so this morning I cruised down to the market before Ty got up 
so I could make him these yummy things...

(similar recipe from paleomg who got it from someone else)

Cherry Crepes With Coconut Whip
3 eggs, whisked
1/2 C light coconut milk
2 tbsp coconut flour
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp honey

2 C farmers market cherries, pitted (about 1.5lbs)
1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
4 tbsp honey

1 can Trader Joe's coconut cream (or any full fat coconut milk), refrigerated overnight
1 tsp vanilla

Place the oil and cherries in a saucepan on a med-high heat. Mix around to get the cherries coated 
in oil and let simmer until they cook down. Stir every so often to make sure they don't stick to 
the pot. When they've cooked down enough, you can add the honey. While those are cooking, 
mix the first 5 ingredients in a medium bowl. Be sure to get all the clumps out of the mix as best 
you can. Heat your grill or pan on med-high heat and spray with coconut oil. Scoop one 
large teaspoon of the batter onto the grill or pan and spread out nice and thing...just as crepes 
are! The smaller sizes are easier to flip than making big ones, just an FYI. Once ready, flip and 
cook on other side. Continue to do this until you run out of batter. Dump your coconut cream or 
milk (without the water portion) into your kitchenaid or what have you, mix on high, then put your vanilla in the whip and mix on high again until you get the right whip consistency.

We had to throw some protein in the mix because they are fairly sweet.
Who doesn't want some bacon with a nice sweet brunch?

Au revoir!
(one of the few things I remember now from my french class)!

♡The Stanleys