Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paleo Jammin'

Does it not surprise you that I went berry picking and now have a recipe for all those
berries? Didn't think so. And from experience, put the rest of the jars in the
freezer...or else you'll go through them like nobody's business.

I went nuts actually. And kind of obsessive with the jam. It started out with regular
strawberry jam, then turned into well how many different kinds can I make?
I ended up with these flavors due to the lack of ingredients, but trust me
I would've ended up with 5 others if I had the stuff around!

-Plain strawberry
-Strawberry lemon
-Strawberry lavender
-Strawberry vanilla bean

I'll be honest, I never measured anything. I just used a medium sized sauce pan, threw
enough strawberries in it to nearly reach the top (I assumed around 5 cups, but
who really knows), brought them to a simmer, dumped about 1/2-1 cup of
raw honey, and either some lemon zest and lemon juice, lavender,
or a vanilla bean into each different batch to taste. Next time
I'd strain the lavender (and don't ask why I didn't the
first time was because I was lazy. I
do that all too often, the whole too lazy
thing. So dumb.) One recipe had
arrowroot starch, the other did
not. Either way, you'll

I feel like I should be having high tea with friends with this toast and jam recipe.
I probably won't do that though, so instead I'll eat it by myself.

Now go make this jammin' paleo spread yourself!

♡The berry harvesting Stanleys