Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scavenger Hunt & Strawberry Pickin'

Yesterday was quite the day! Scavenger hunts, strawberry pickin', sun, and then downpour!
Aubry and I headed into downtown PDX for the scavenger hunt at Zeus Cafe (McMenamins).
You're suppose to take pictures of yourself with all the pictures or artwork, spend 10 bucks
in the restaurant, and then win a free night stay! Easy enough, right?! Let's just say we
will be staying at the hotel sometime in the future...who says you can't have a

Then we headed to the U-pick strawberry farm and although we thought we initially 
caught the day at the right time, we ended up drenched before we knew it!

Best thing about it: we got the tastiest strawberries ever.
Worst thing: wet jeans from waist down...enough said!

While Ty and I are overseas, please take friends or family to a U-pick.
It saves some money and it's a nice way to spend time together. Sauvie's island,
places in Vancouver, and Hood River all have various u-picks you can
find more information online if you're interested. Then go make 
yourself some jam, all sorts of desserts, or dehydrate them for a little snack!

There's something about the smell of a strawberry field that is overwhelming in
a good way. Number one, it just smells terrific. Two, the memories it brings
back is the best! All those time our Grandma use to take us to the U-pick
in Portland and then she'd make her family-known only has
like 8 cups of sugar in it. No big deal. That's probably 
why we all loved it so much.

You can't beat a dollar something a pound for these beauties!

Believe it or not, this is what strawberry picking fun in the pouring down rain looks like.
Thanks for the day Aubry!

Have fun picking and eating pound after pound of amazing strawberries!