Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Activities 3

This has to be one of our favorites. I mean it is where we got engaged so there 
must be a little something about it we like ;-)

The Columbia River Gorge is a beauty all year round. Hike all up and down the Oregon or 
Washington side, ski down the middle of the river, and head to Hood River for the Fruit 
Loop. We'd suggest doing all of those things. Seriously, don't skip any of these activities!

If you've got a boat, great. If not, call someone who does. If you don't know how to ski, learn.
 Go early in the morning, the water is usually better.

And if you don't have a boat, go take one of those kayaking classes. Try to plan
it on a nicer day...they make you get in the water at some point to rescue
your partner. Fun, but could be cold if you pick the wrong day!

Fruit. Veggies. Flowers. Wine tasting. Lavender Farm. Amazing views. Picnic lunch.

Do it because we say so! And think of us when you're at the lavender farm!

(sorry for some old pictures, we haven't been great at taking as many new ones
when we go to the fruit loop since we have so many from before!)

Mt. Hood one direction then flip around and you've got Mt. Adams the other direction!

Diane always has some little treat to share...lavender infused tea or lemonade,
lavender shortbread, or other items to purchase.

There are obviously a thousand hikes you can do, but I chose this one 
because it's a well known difficult hike. 

Mt. Defiance. 
It's the highest peak in the Gorge, nearly 13 miles of trails up and back, 
and nearly 5,000 feet elevation!

There's a part that seems like it may be the top since you finally start seeing
surround areas, but don't let it fool you. There's still another part to climb!

For a moderate hike, there's always Dog Mountain and Hamilton Mountain. Stop at
Pool of Winds while on the path to Hamilton Moutain.

For a couple of easy hikes, hit up Devil's Rest, Punchbowl Falls, or stop at any one of 
the trailheads on the historic highway en route to Multnomah Falls. Most of them
tend to be easy to get to, easy on our hiking shoes, and fairly short in distance!


♥The Stanleys