Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The 007 Turkey Burg

Don't ask where the name of this paleo monster came from, but Ty loved that he came
up with this masterpiece that's full of flavor!

Let's just say we decided to take the turkey burgers up a notch. They are an easy go to, but after 
having a turkey burger with mustard and avocado all the time...it gets old, quick. Now that 
we've got our handy-dandy noodle doodad aka a hard core julianner, we made crispy
sweet potato curls that add so much to the turkey burgs!

I will say that it did happened by accident. I left them in the oven for a bit too long...
I went outside to say hi to the neighbors, ended up going in their house to visit,
was getting the tour of the stuff being redone in the house, and then Ty
said 'didn't you put something in the oven?' Well I sure did and
good thing they turned out to be amazing! You all need
to try it out sometime.

turkey burgers, grilled
sliced avocado
sweet potato curls, baked in coconut oil until crispy
condiments of your choice
half of a 5th St brand pepper sausage (Costco) to top it all off

Voila! 007 turkey burg. Eat up!

♥The Stanleys