Thursday, June 27, 2013


I wasn't sure if I'd have time to get one last blog in, but when you can accomplish a few things at 
once in the bathroom it makes it that much easier. It's similar to an office. Well, kind of.

Anyway, my grandpa came up with the TLC...Thailand, Laos, Cambodia. Get it? 
Creative guy he is.

Here are our backpacks. I overpacked. Not sure how you can actually overpack when you're 
only taking a backpack with limited space, but I think it just happened. Most of the pack seems like 
it's filled with sanitary supplies and snacks. I can't leave home without food.

We've got the neighborhood on watch on our place, the little neighbor boy to water the flowers,
and people coming and going at the house to check in on it. Weird to think we'll be gone
for quite some time!

So off we go. Maybe we'll get a chance to post a few picks on the blog and maybe we won't. 
Guess you all will find out. We'll see ya in 6.5 weeks!

Peace out!

♥The Stanwees