Monday, August 12, 2013

1 Year Ago...

1 year ago, we made the decision of forever. 1 year ago, we were married in front of all our 
family and friends, we ate some amazing BBQ food, danced the night away, and cut into that little 
cake of ours. Well that little slice we initially ate quickly disappeared by the end of the week...seriously.
I know you're suppose to save the top of the cake for that whole traditional one year 
anniversary thing, but guess what? I ate that whole thing! 
Does it surprise you? Didn't think so.

So this year, we had these grand plans of getting out to Hood River for a solid bike ride 
to our engagement spot (the Hood River Lavender farm), have a picnic lunch in this gorgeous 
weather, enjoy all the views, and pack up a mini cake to-go from Sweat Pea Bakery as we 
had for our wedding to take with us. Well after all that excitement on planning this 
lovely little Hood River anniversary day...

We ended up at our house eating a gluten free Garlic Jim's pizza on our front step after I got off 
work, got eaten alive by mozzies, then we started with a slice of cake which led into 
eating half a cake all while we crafted up things I have to get ready for Kari's shower until 2am. 
We thought we were getting back on track with this whole time zone deal, but apparently not...
something about going to bed at 2am ended up ruining that lovely HR grand plan. Oops! 
Hopefully one of these days we'll get our time zones figured out so we can start 
living a normal life again.

Probably the least sappy 1 year anniversary story ever, 
but hey, Happy 1 Year Anniversary babe! 
Maybe I'll take you to Hood River for our 2nd anniversary instead ;-)