Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Things I Wish To Never Do Again

Yesterday was great and ended in an unforgettable started with a good workout, 
checked off all the things on my to-do list, had lunch with friends at Mint Tea, tandem 
biked down the waterfront with Ty, and then, well then it went downhill. 

I thought, 'what a great idea it would be to go on a nice jog and look around at houses for 
sale in the area.' In fact, I'm pretty sure I said that to myself. No joke. I took off and 
that became problem number one:

*stepping in tar!
I thought it was smarter to avoid the road paving, the traffic at the light, and having to wait for 
them to let me cross the street. So instead what do I do...I cross the street on my own, away
 from where the workers and cars are thinking I'd outsmart them. As I was in the middle of 
the road, I began to realize I went straight through the new asphalt/tar. Sure made for one 
sticky run from there on out. Lesson learned...cross where you're suppose to cross.

I made my way through the neighborhood and awkward moment number two happened:

*getting hollered at by high schoolers
Mainly it was just embarrassing in the social situation with people around with young fellas 
yelling out at me. Those hey baby, gorgeous, get at me type of hollers aren't really my thing. 
And on many levels, in fact. The upside to it is that it made me feel like I'd never aged a day. 
Definitely got those genes from my mama. The weird side is that, do I seriously look like 
I'm in high school still? And even more so,  those boys didn't realize is that I was 
definitely not their age and that I definitely go home to do fun stuff like blog, 
cook, and clean. Probably not their idea of fun.

And back to the running...I was feeling alright for the first part, then it hit me. And we all 
know what that means. Or at least you should by now if you've read any other of my stories.
 Well this time, I was out of luck. I was nowhere near a bathroom and I knew I was not going 
to make it those short 11 blocks back home (pathetic, right?). Trust me, it's happened 
before with only 2 blocks to go. It's an awful feeling. Anyway, I've gotten away 
with using all other toilets in the Portland/Vancouver area and I had always 
dreamed of this moment happening once in my life. It just happened:

*used a random person's bathroom in the neighborhood!
For most people, probably something embarrassing to do. I've just had awful thoughts of 
having it happen in the wrong part of town. I was fortunate enough to have met a lovely 
gal and even have a long conversation after I came out of her house. I'll be honest, it was nice 
but it was also an awkward conversation considering the terms we met on. There's many
of you out there who have had that "what if" thought of having to knock on someone's door
to use their toilet. Don't tell me you haven't because I know there are at least a few of you!

It was quite an eventful evening and it all went down within a 45 minutes time frame. 
Lucky me, right? Next time I wish to never have to do any of them again! 

And on that awesome bathroom issue note (that none of you probably wished to hear about), 
we look forward to sharing our next few blog posts with you about Northern Thailand, 
a recipe, and a birthday gift idea! Until then...

♡The Stanleys