Friday, August 23, 2013

A Colorful Shower For a Color-Loving Bride!

One of my best friends is getting married and for those of you who know me, most likely 
know Kari. We've gone hand in hand throughout our lives with attending schools 
together, playing sports together, and now we work together. Not too many people can say 
they've shared that much with their best friend or at least that's my assumption. 
I could be way off and that's fine too.

Anyway, this last weekend we celebrated her bachelorette weekend at the beach and then 
had a little shower on Sunday back in Portland. I have to admit, I stole this shower idea 
from a website I found on Google but threw in my own touches here and there. The bright 
colors were chosen because Kari has always loved bright colors...yellows, oranges, you 
name it. The other reason for the yarn is that Kari's grandma taught her to crochet 
before she recently passed away. It was just perfect to tie everything together. 

Here are some photos and all the "how to's" for the crafty!

Welcome Table:
Welcome the bride and her guests with a little decor right outside the door!
*use the invitation that were sent out for the shower
*add a photo of the couple (let the bride take all the photos home with her)
*bring in the decor used in the rest of the house (yarn "knots")
*throw in one more piece of decor the bride can use later...a handmade wreath!

Not pictured: entry table inside the house
*this table will have the thank you cards and envelopes for the guests
to address to save the bride time later when she writes the thank you notes!

Living Room Table:
Utilize some of the yarn to wrap letters and place on a free table in the house.
Displaying more photos of the couple is fun for guests to see what the couple has done
together in their relationship! Throw some of the decor on the table that is
used throughout the house...another vase with the yarn knots acting like flowers!

Drink Station:
*use colorful straws (found at Target) or use washy tape around clear plastic 
cups to give the drinks a little splash of color
*use splashes of colors with kitchen towels if needed (under punch bowls or to pop out other decor)
*we stayed simple and used a white pitcher tied with teal and white wrapped string for 
the water, a punch bowl for lemonade with fresh strawberries, and wine for
an alcoholic beverage. simple, simple simple!

Food Table:
*include your fruits (mixed fruit on kabob sticks), your veggies (hawaiian style paleo coleslaw),
protein (pulled pork), some carbs (hawaiian sweet rolls), and a little snack (dipped pretzels)
*again, photos of the couple. This is thrown for primarily the bride, but it did take two to make it work!

*include a few pieces of decor similar to other tables (vases painted, colorful flower yarn
balls, lemons for the color and different textures, etc)
*make a backdrop (strings cut to size needed, then tied on each takes forever, trust me!)
*if you did anything creative at the bachelorette party, add that in as well...we all put on
lipstick, kissed the paper, then signed our lips. It as then framed and placed on the table. So cute!

Utilize your space: a hutch
*make the extra space a dessert bar. Cupcakes, cake, lemon bars, chocolate something or rather, etc.
*if you choose brownies or lemon bars, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to give the
desserts shape OR use the cookie cutter and sprinkle powdered sugar on each square within
the shape of the cookie cutter. It will dress up the dessert a little more than just a square!
*tie the theme together: "knotted in love"...
hence the yarn 'knots', rolls of yarn leftover, the theme saying, the meaning of "knot" in a
frame or whatever word your theme involves

Utilizing space: mantels
*again, find things the bride can reuse...letters and a heart painted the wedding colors.
However, to make it more shower themed dress it up with the colored twine.
That way she can remove the twine and use the letters at the wedding or in her home later.
*bring in other colors and textures by removing candles from the hurricanes and add oranges instead!

 Exit table:
*place the bridal shower favors on this table as the guests leave. That way they won't
forget their gift and thank you note for coming to the shower.
*party favors: all natural/paleo lip balm with the base being coconut oil and beeswax!
(lots of credit to my mom who made tons of these things for the shower)

Thanks for getting married Kari & Russ...
another excuse to throw a party, makes some crafts, and decorate. 
We look forward to the big party and tying the knot in a few weeks!

♥The Stanleys