Sunday, August 25, 2013

All Natural Lip Balm

So I'm on this kick. And I get on kicks every so often. I'm calling it the "all natural" kick. It 
started when I didn't use a straightener, curling iron, or hair dryer for the 6 weeks when we 
were gone. That turned into..."how long can I go without using any of the above?" So far we've 
been home for nearly 3 weeks and I still have yet to use anything! By no means is it some life 
goal of anybody's, but for the moment I've turned it into my goal. It saves time, money 
indirectly (I use less electricity), and my hair itself. Really cool or
really stupid, I'm not sure which yet!

Then there's the all natural lip balm...
but I'll be honest, I can't take credit for these. My amazing mama put her time into making these 
cute little all natural lip balms for favors at Kari's shower. We like to call them paleo lip 
balms, but can lip balms even be considered paleo? I don't even know but I like to think so.

We all know how I like quick and easy projects right? Well, my mom said these lip balms 
were just that! Now you can either go buy all the stuff or you can use the ton I have 
left in my basement. Either way works. But trust me, I have lip balm ingredients for days!

3/4C + 1 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp beeswax (white or yellow)
1 capsule vitamin (opened and squeezed out)
25 all natural scented oils, any flavors/scents
1 oz. containers, any type (look on google for them)
washitape (optional)
labels (optional)

1-3 glass containers (microwave safe), depending on if you want multiple flavors

I purchased the ingredients from this website:

Place the coconut oil and beeswax into your microwave-safe glass container. Heat on high for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between with a plastic straw until the beeswax melts completely.
At this point you need to decide if you're doing one or more flavors. If you plan on doing
more than one, you will need to separate out the oil-wax mixture into other glass
containers. Add the flavors you want to each mixture, stir well, then pour into
your jars, tins, or tubes. Let it cool completely. Then decorate and label
as you wish! As quick and simple as that!

Now that they are in tins, you can place them on a fun piece of paper to give away as
party favors OR you can decorate/label the containers and give them away as you wish.

♡Cori & my mom!