Thursday, August 29, 2013

CrossFit For The Kiddos...A B-Day Gift Idea

While we were out of the country, our sweet nephew Casey, had his 3rd birthday. I'm not 
sure how time went that fast, but it apparently has! That also means I'm three years older and 
wiser too, right? I'll tell you what was so hard to be away from those kiddos 
and only be able to watch them grow up via FaceTime. On the other hand, it's also hilarious 
watching them wonder "why in the world are Aunt Dori & Uncle Ty on the computer 
screen?" They sure got a kick out of it!

Since we knew we'd be gone over his birthday, we prepared a mini scavenger hunt 
with CrossFit themed gifts for him. Check out the "how-to's" below each photo!

CrossFit Kids Birthday Gifts
*CF themed shirts
*a new pair of workout shorts and socks 
*a homemade kids CF box 
*a homemade barbell with "weights"
*a purchased version of a kettlebell. 

Check out Ty's craftiness as he made majority of the birthday gifts! And can I just tell you
how amazing my husband is...his craftiness, finding all the time to make this amongst
everything we had to do before we left on our trip, and his love for our niece and nephew.

Purchased here at Amazon

CrossFit Kids Barbell:
*PVC pipe cut to size
*material cut into weight-like shapes
*cut holes in the center of your material and squeeze the pipe into the holes for a snug fit

CrossFit Kids Box:
*get plywood in the scrap section at Home Depot (got it for $1.48!)
*cut the plywood down to get the box a size close to 10x12x15
*nail all the sides together
*have a kid test it out!

Homemade Tees:
*1 pack of tees, size accordingly
*stencils OR your best drawing ability (I use stencils, Ty used his ability)
*your choice of are a few of our examples

The front says 3, 2, 1 and the backside says GO! 
(in case you couldn't read)

The letters are for our gym we go to with Mike & Allison. Figured Casey should
have a t-shirt just like the rest of us, right?

Get creative...we used part of Casey's name in there as he'll have his own
gym at home. If you're interested in joining his gym, you'll have to ask him about it!

And of course...beast mode! We couldn't help ourselves especially
knowing a three year old would be wearing it.

Can't believe you're 3, dude. We love you!

♡The Stanleys