Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting Married, Getting Old, & A Sunday Confession

Three things, one post. Killing 3 things with one stone, kinda like killing 2 birds with
one stone. Get it? Ok that was dumb, sorry. It's really fun at midnight when I'm
super tired. What else is funny...those awesome quotes you find on Pinterest with what I think
look like vintage people on them. I read them aloud to Ty and he laughs at like 1 in every 20.
That's good enough in my books. I make up for the other 19.

Well today is the's Kari's bridal shower! I spent 4 hours "decorating" at my parent's house
last night. I'm not sure why I just put it in quotations because I was truly decorating. I'm not
sure why it took me 4 hours. I did eat a bowl of chocolate Chex which delayed my decorating.
And then when I went to put the box back I saw these chips I haven't had in ages. So guess
who ate them? I did. Damnit. I'm only telling you all this because it's Sunday and I
think people confess on Sundays. Or maybe I just needed to
confess my non-paleo moment I had last night.
#confessionswithcori...I don't judge.

 Chex and chips for dinner. It happened.

What also happened was Kari's bachelorette party at the beach. We stayed right on the
beach in our friends house in Cannon Beach. It was gorgeous, the house and the weather!
What a blast, but boy did it make us feel old! I'm pretty sure we were all getting a bit sleepy
by 11, but we still rallied, hit the local bar and managed to stay up til 1. We're crazy, I know.

The beautiful BTB (bride-to-be)

I'm super excited to celebrate the bride today, but even more excited for the big day! 
Congrats to you my friend. 
Love you always!