Friday, August 9, 2013

Our SE Asia Purpose

Sleep...we can get it when we're dead right? That's what we keep telling ourselves. Ty didn't
sleep a wink Wednesday night and I think I went to bed at 4am. I woke up nearly every
hour through the night last night, so work should be fun today ;-) We feel like
we're on drugs because we cannot sleep! Ahhh, it's killing us. Praying we
can make a quick turn around, like tonight would be good!

Anyway, as some of you know we didn't just go to SE Asia for a leisurely travel.
We also had a purpose:
to build a sports court for kids in a rural area of Cambodia. This was probably the hardest work
either of us have ever done in our lives. Not kidding whatsoever! Forget all those high
school daily doubles, extra hard days in the yard or on the house, etc. This was like Crossfit
workouts all day long! The reward: seeing all those kids dressed up for the court inauguration
and their excitement and smiles when they finally got to play on it!

Take a peek into our week in a small village in the Kralanh district, which 
is north of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The start of the court, which was prepared by some of the locals before we arrived...

We carried 100lb cement bags...

We squated, pressed, & farmer's carried super heavy buckets of gravel, sand, cement, and water...

And we occasionally took some breaks...I've got one good lookin' and hard workin' husband!
Used all sorts of makeshift tools to make this court...bamboo tools, sheet metal, weaved baskets, etc.

A butcher's knife for cutting open bags...why not?

The kids of the court...those who attend the school and those who helped!

Ty's buddies, one of which he gave his tennis shoes to...

(leaving shoeless so this guy could have his shoes!)

The community of women who prepared food for us. 
Amazing work with just wood fire stoves and one electric stove, pots, & the ingredients!

Day to day with the Stanwees...

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 and wiped!

And a completed court!

 We had a mini dental clinic with the children, which made me tear up a bit...

When asked, the children said you are suppose to brush your teeth 3 times a day.
When asked to raise their hand if they had a toothbrush, NOT ONE single child amongst
4 classrooms of 30-50 children had a toothbrush. NOT ONE single child raised their hand.

This child below doesn't go to school, but when the Peace Corps volunteer told him about
this clinic out in the community, he hovered around the school all afternoon until we
had leftovers so he could get one. She gave him an entire bag of supplies.
Doesn't it just break your heart?
one toothbrush in hand...

a smile to the face...

now has a ziploc bag in hand of goodies!

Courts for Kids always does a mini clinic at the end of the trip, once the court is complete...

Some of these kids have never held a basketball. Many know soccer and volleyball,
but this clinic became so much fun to watch them learn a new skill!

Even this little one snuck into the clinic somehow!

If anybody is interested in going abroad, getting involved with the community in a third world
country on many levels, living (somewhat) like the locals, and of course, getting one
heck of a workout for several days...get in touch with Courts for Kids!

(drawn by Abby E, another high school volunteer)