Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Time U-Picks

It isn't summer if you don't go pick something right? It's much harder to work for all that fruit, 
but so worth every juicy bite you have afterwards!

Last year for our wedding we picked fresh peaches from our family friends...the Drew's! Their 
home is a beautiful, custom log house on a nice piece of property. And to top it off 
they have a good sized peach tree farm that they allow the public to U-pick.
As of this week, Mr. Drew says it's the best week to pick the peaches!
And we can tell you, they are falling off that tree right into your makes it so easy to pick not just a few but
54 freaking pounds!!

We now have enough to eat off hand, can, freeze, make some coconut cream-peach popsicles, 
share with our neighbors (don't you wish you were our neighbor right now?),
& who knows what else!

Holler at me if you're interested!

♡The Stanleys