Thursday, August 22, 2013

The CR & Some Good News!

Gah, I get so giddy to go out on the boat. I love the water, the breeze, the sun, the smell, 
and that feeling it gives me when we get out there. We spent all our summers growing up in 
that big stream of the Columbia River water, so after missing out for the last 6 weeks it was the best 
feeling to be back out there. And to top it off Ty and I not only got to spend the time with my 
family but our good friends Nick, Pennie, and Turner!

And best news while we were all having a blast on the river...CURT GOT THE J.O.B!
Although he thought it was his worst interview ever, they called him only a few short hours
after while we were out on the river to offer him the job. He'll be teaching at Parkrose
Middle School starting this fall and we are so happy for him!

Other favorites of the day: 
we got my mom in the water (that's a huge deal) and up on her ski on her first try after not 
skiing for 2 years and then Pennie got up on one ski with no problem after nearly 10 
years! Ty skied on 2 skis, which he said he has never felt so unathletic in his life and nearly 
got up on 1 ski. Let's just say it was a very exciting day for all!

An awesome day in the books...

Columbia River nostalgia, new memories on the river, and a 
great BIG congrats to my bro! We are thrilled!

♡Cor & Ty