Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 Great Things

I'll prepare you. None of these have anything to do with each other and are in no particular order. 
Just a few things that were on my mind I thought you all were dying to do know.

Ty hit 2 home runs in our softball game on Sunday. Great for him, bad for me...it meant I 
didn't stand a chance to hit one myself or it would be considered an out. Good thing I don't
stand a chance to hit one out anyway. Our team put another W in the books with 
some help from 2 great coaches and fans! Go CFE!

I started a "new job" last week. I don't know why I put that in quotations, but I just did and I'm
leaving it. Anyway, I'm still a float pool nurse, but I will also be an IV therapy nurse. 
Great thing is that I'm learning new skills placing IVs, changing central lines and ports, and
drawing blood...bad thing was for those first few people that had me to do their IV. They were
good sports. I'll leave it at that. Trust me, I will be good. But also trust me that I still need
lots of practice. I'm not perfect even if you once thought I was.
#pokingpeoplefordays #practicemakesperfect

Well the great thing is I had good intentions on getting to the third thing, but the bad thing is
now that I'm here, I've forgotten the third great thing. So maybe the third thing isn't so good.
#dementiaat27 #yikes

If I think of the other great thing, believe me, I will make sure you know. I really don't want
you all to start believing that I'm forgetful already. What a rough road in life that would be.
That's it for now. We'll be back tomorrow, like it or not.

As always,
♡The Stanleys