Wednesday, September 11, 2013

94 Degrees Hot & Some Homemade Sunbutter

Holy cow it's suppose to be a smokin' hot day today. My old teenage years and early 20s 
would've loved this stuff...I basked in the sun all day long if I could. Now in my old age I can
barely hang for more than 30 minutes out there unless I'm out there with a specific reason
other than to get tan. I've also gotten smart in my old age. The whole cancer thing doesn't
 seem like a fun path to take at any point in life and these sun spots just keep popping
up. Sunspots look like dirt and it's not a good look for me. SPF 30 is the only way to
go now that I've hit the age of 27 years. I suggest to any age out there to do the
same. Seriously. Make it hip...sunscreen, brimmed hats, and shade.
It's the way to go.

And by the way, did you guys hear that Oregon is making a law that you cannot go tanning
under the age of 18? I love that law. I might have to take it to Washington now. And if 
you're older than 18, it'd probably be wise to stop tanning anyway. Since when is 
anybody tan in the Pacific NW in the dead of winter? That's what I thought.

Well, on the same topic of sun...I made SUNbutter today. Not exactly the same thing, but it 
had 'sun' in it. I figured it'd be a nice little addition to the banana bread recipe from
yesterday or put it on a banana chip and top it with a chocolate chip (my sister
got me started on it and it's so tasty)!

2 C sunflower seeds (bulk), salted or unsalted
olive oil or sunflower oil

Dump your sunflower seeds into your food processor and puree to its finest. Add tablespoon 
by tablespoon of oil and puree between each addition until you've reached the consistency 
of your preference. If you've used unsalted sunflower seeds, add salt until it has the 
flavor you love! Place in an airtight container and place in your 
fridge for frequent use!

Stay cool today!

♡The Stanleys